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Category: Misc (38 links)
Links to sites that just dont apply anywhere else...   UK Based Resource  
Home of the Institue of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. A large Coldfusion site written using the fusebox method. A fine example of how powerful this methodology is considering the underlying complexity of this site.
    Updated: 06.11.01 | 198 views
CF 5 Bughunt  
The aim of this is to show people CF 5 is pretty bug free, but people are afraid to upgrade - they are waiting for 5.1. But it seems that with the new naming of CF 5 (note it is not 5.0) there will not be a 5.1... so we need independent proof of CF 5's "kosherness". Thus this site.
    Updated: 01.11.01 | 170 views
Sourcecode in ColdFusion, perl, javascript, java, game development, php, visual basic, pascal, tutorials, documentation, books, delphi, c++, c, assembly, css, palm, and much more!
    Updated: 01.10.01 | 622 views  
This website is here as a support to the Undernet Internet Relay Chat channel #ColdFusion. While we do try to retain a constant presence in the channel, some of us do have a life. This is why the ops/users are not always around to help you out with your latest and greatest plan for internet dominance via your new robust CF application.
    Updated: 29.09.01 | 480 views
CF Extras  
CFXtras sells custom tags, applications, developer tools and an assortment of software for the ColdFusion developement community. With over 200 developers selling their software and over 120 products for sale to the public, CFXtras is the largest clearinghouse for commercial ColdFusion components on the web.
    Updated: 28.09.01 | 399 views
Luke Sanderson   UK Based Resource  
Great looking site from another UK based CF Developer bud!
    Updated: 10.08.01 | 259 views
Whats new in CF5  
Learn what's new in Coldfusion 5.0.
    Updated: 10.08.01 | 30 views
Coldfusion 5.0 FAQ  
Information about availability and functionality in ColdFusion Server 5 and related Macromedia products.
    Updated: 10.08.01 | 97 views
Extending ColdFusion Studio  
Article on extending the already powerful ColdFusion Studio
    Updated: 10.08.01 | 76 views  
ColdFusion Job seekers - employers and recruiters are searching for you right now. ColdFusion skills are in demand. By using this site, you can view Coldfusion job and project postings, set up matching agents to receive ColdFusion Job announcements by e-mail.
    Updated: 10.08.01 | 61 views
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