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Category: News (25 links)
Links to sites that contain the latest ColdFusion news and reports from around the world.

CF 5 Bughunt  
The aim of this is to show people CF 5 is pretty bug free, but people are afraid to upgrade - they are waiting for 5.1. But it seems that with the new naming of CF 5 (note it is not 5.0) there will not be a 5.1... so we need independent proof of CF 5's "kosherness". Thus this site.
    Updated: 01.11.01 | 189 views
Tera Tech Inc  
Custom programming, programming tools and internet consulting, SQL, database, numerical analysis, ColdFusion, VB, telephony. Also homeof the ColdCuts Coldfusion snippets archive.
    Updated: 01.11.01 | 234 views
Luke Sanderson   UK Based Resource  
Great looking site from another UK based CF Developer bud!
    Updated: 10.08.01 | 280 views
Macromedia Voting Center  
Macromedia Product Management has developed this website to allow our customers to voice their opinions on product enhancements and other customer issues.
    Updated: 27.07.01 | 17 views
A news site that brands itself as "News for Nerds; Stuff That Matters" It includes news on such topics as Linux, Security, Computers and other technology related information. Slashdot is a sister site of
    Updated: 14.07.01 | 28 views contains in-depth information on a wide range of security topics. These topics include: Security Organizations, Education, Certification Programs, Jobs, Books, Mailing Lists, and News Groups.
    Updated: 14.07.01 | 23 views  
Provides link directory, technical articles, news, forum, and online books for Java, Linux, JavaScript, Perl, ActiveX, Visual Basic, HTML, DHMTL, XML, ColdFusion, C/C++, and more.
    Updated: 08.07.01 | 86 views  
Articles, news and forums for ASP, ColdFusion, HTML and JavaScript.
    Updated: 08.07.01 | 51 views
ColdFusion FAQ  
Frequently asked questions about ColdFusion. (Allaire Corporation)
    Updated: 08.07.01 | 83 views
Cold Fusion Advisor  
Subscription based ColdFusion magazine. Non subscribers have free access to the news section, limited numbers of articles and an excellent job-bank (with job ads and resumes). Also features a free, comprehensive list of CF trainers. Subscribers may browse the archives of previous issues.
    Updated: 08.07.01 | 57 views
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