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Category: Applications (99 links)
Here you will find links to applications written in ColdFusion as well as any other applications that are useful for CF Development.

CF Extras  
CFXtras sells custom tags, applications, developer tools and an assortment of software for the ColdFusion developement community. With over 200 developers selling their software and over 120 products for sale to the public, CFXtras is the largest clearinghouse for commercial ColdFusion components on the web.
    Updated: 28.09.01 | 376 views
Aloha Webdesign  
Home of the NetReady e-commerce app amongst other great tags. Worth a look for sure!
    Updated: 07.09.01 | 220 views  
Welcome to, Andrei's personal web site. This site started out as a simple site to advertise my skills and experience in the web development area to potential employers. Then turned into a never-ending project. And now it's both, and perhaps most importantly, it's a playing field for me to keep playing with coding, development ideas, and new technologies.
    Updated: 30.08.01 | 166 views
Programmers Heaven  
Over 12,500 Free programming files, links, articles, tutorials, messageboard, source codes, utilities, C/C++, Internet, Visual Basic, Delphi, Java, Pascal, Assembler and other tools.
    Updated: 21.08.01 | 486 views  
The purpose of the Common Function Library Project ( is to create a set of user-defined function (UDF) libraries for ColdFusion 5.0
    Updated: 20.07.01 | 135 views
inFusion Mail Server  
The only mail server that uses ColdFusion, iHTML or Active State Perl to control every aspect of mail delivery
    Updated: 08.07.01 | 102 views
Boss Commerce  
- Software solution shopping cart, powered by ColdFusion, provides database driven ecommerce with realtime shipping pricing for online storefronts.
    Updated: 08.07.01 | 51 views
inFusion Authenticator  
A WebSite Pro add-on that lets you use ColdFusion, iHTML or Active State Perl to authenticate users.
    Updated: 08.07.01 | 30 views Inc  
Designed to help corporations and individuals to simplify online feedback collection and analyzing. ColdFusion based engine for fast deployment and processing of HTML feedback forms
    Updated: 08.07.01 | 33 views
Complete web development and custom web applications using ColdFusion and Flash.
    Updated: 08.07.01 | 106 views
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