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Category: Hosting (78 links)
Hosting companies that provide ColdFusion webhosting as standard.

uplinkearth - web solutions worlds apart
    Updated: 25.06.02 | 162 views
Web Spinners Inc  
AtWebSpinners, Inc. we strive to create and maintain affordable, professional web sites for regional clients, allowing honest and reasonable options for smaller businesses, as well as large companies.
    Updated: 22.08.01 | 75 views
CFdeveloper UK   UK Based Resource  
CFDeveloper is a FREE resource for ColdFusion developer, providing FREE ColdFusion hosting and other services.
    Updated: 08.07.01 | 172 views
TwentytwentyMedia Ltd.   UK Based Resource  
provides Java and database hosting services using servlets, JSP, Coldfusion, Oracle, MySQL and others
    Updated: 08.07.01 | 120 views
Computer Routines, Inc  
Provide virtual hosting and dedicated servers featuring Microsoft Windows NT Servers, IIS 4.0, Allaire ColdFusion Application Server 4.0 Enterprise, ASP, FrontPage 98, SQL Server 7.0, VeriSign SSL communication and CyberCash credit card processing.
    Updated: 08.07.01 | 45 views
Loose Foot Computing  
Commercial hosting providing CGI, ASP, FTP, SQL Server, FrontPage Extensions, ColdFusion, PHP4, MySQL, domain names and more.
    Updated: 08.07.01 | 42 views
Comfluent Internet Services  
- Specializing in hosting database driven E-Commerce web sites. ColdFusion, SQL,ASP, Lasso, Panorama, FileMaker Pro, SSL, NT, Mac, Linux. Colocation with redundant to Tier1 providers
    Updated: 08.07.01 | 42 views
Offers UNIX/NT web hosting featuring FrontPage, Coldfusion, JSP, ASP, JAVA, CGI, XML, VB script, PHP, MySQL, flash and more
    Updated: 08.07.01 | 70 views
Net-Savings, Inc.  
- Offers web hosting and ColdFusion development for E-commerce sites.
    Updated: 08.07.01 | 32 views
Creative Data Concepts  
Offers web hosting with support for FrontPage 98, ColdFusion, AbleCommerce, Linux, SQL Server and Microsoft Site Server Commerce Edition.
    Updated: 08.07.01 | 36 views
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