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Category: User Groups (22 links)
Links to ColdFusion User Groups around the world.  
This website is here as a support to the Undernet Internet Relay Chat channel #ColdFusion. While we do try to retain a constant presence in the channel, some of us do have a life. This is why the ops/users are not always around to help you out with your latest and greatest plan for internet dominance via your new robust CF application.
    Updated: 29.09.01 | 553 views
Rochester NY CFUG  
Rochester NY CFUG
    Updated: 17.07.01 | 39 views
Central European CFUG  
German language user group
    Updated: 08.07.01 | 15 views
Phoenix, Arizona CFUG  
Phoenix, Arizona ColdFusion User Group
    Updated: 08.07.01 | 24 views
CFUG - Sweden  
CFUG Sweden - For all swedish webdevelopers and all who are interrested in Allaire's ColdFusion
    Updated: 08.07.01 | 12 views
Mid-Michigan CFUG  
Here is a link to the Mid-Michigan ColdFusion User Group. So far this site only has a map to the college they meet at and some contact info but if you live near Jackson, MI you may want to get in touch with them.
    Updated: 28.06.01 | 31 views
Cold Fusion Ireland  
Official CFUG
    Updated: 28.06.01 | 19 views
Detroit CFUG  
Detroit CFUG official website.
    Updated: 28.06.01 | 24 views
Dallas CFUG  
If you live in the Dallas TX area, register with the Dallas CFUG here.
    Updated: 28.06.01 | 18 views
CFUG Pakistan  
In addition to the standard links and local meeting dates thisCFUG has assembled an impressive collection of ColdFusion powered websites. If you need to convince a client that CF is scalable refer them to this CFUG's "CF Sites" section.
    Updated: 28.06.01 | 14 views
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