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Category: CF Driven Sites (47 links)
A chance to promote your latest website. Here are sites that were developed in ColdFusion by Coldfusion Geeks.

uplinkearth - web solutions worlds apart
    Updated: 25.06.02 | 162 views   UK Based Resource  
Home of the Institue of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. A large Coldfusion site written using the fusebox method. A fine example of how powerful this methodology is considering the underlying complexity of this site.
    Updated: 06.11.01 | 198 views
CF 5 Bughunt  
The aim of this is to show people CF 5 is pretty bug free, but people are afraid to upgrade - they are waiting for 5.1. But it seems that with the new naming of CF 5 (note it is not 5.0) there will not be a 5.1... so we need independent proof of CF 5's "kosherness". Thus this site.
    Updated: 01.11.01 | 170 views
Tera Tech Inc  
Custom programming, programming tools and internet consulting, SQL, database, numerical analysis, ColdFusion, VB, telephony. Also homeof the ColdCuts Coldfusion snippets archive.
    Updated: 01.11.01 | 209 views  
This website is here as a support to the Undernet Internet Relay Chat channel #ColdFusion. While we do try to retain a constant presence in the channel, some of us do have a life. This is why the ops/users are not always around to help you out with your latest and greatest plan for internet dominance via your new robust CF application.
    Updated: 29.09.01 | 480 views
Luke Sanderson   UK Based Resource  
Great looking site from another UK based CF Developer bud!
    Updated: 10.08.01 | 259 views
Rikeman Real Estate  
Rikeman is a full-service brokerage firm with a group of experienced real estate brokers and salespeople available to serve all your Boston Real Estate needs
    Updated: 10.08.01 | 23 views
Opinion Guy was the brainchild of a few people who just wanted a place to vent about all of those odd little things in life.
    Updated: 10.08.01 | 43 views
Antiques America  
Let Antiques America find that special antique you're looking for. Access our nationwide network of top-quality antiques dealers with help from our experts for free.
    Updated: 10.08.01 | 26 views  
A nonpartisan site that works with over 150 online newspapers, television stations and Internet portals to help bring government closer to the people.
    Updated: 10.08.01 | 24 views
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