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Category: Developers (105 links)
Links to other Developers websites, these include their business sites as well as private ones.

uplinkearth - web solutions worlds apart
    Updated: 25.06.02 | 162 views
CF 5 Bughunt  
The aim of this is to show people CF 5 is pretty bug free, but people are afraid to upgrade - they are waiting for 5.1. But it seems that with the new naming of CF 5 (note it is not 5.0) there will not be a 5.1... so we need independent proof of CF 5's "kosherness". Thus this site.
    Updated: 01.11.01 | 170 views
Tera Tech Inc  
Custom programming, programming tools and internet consulting, SQL, database, numerical analysis, ColdFusion, VB, telephony. Also homeof the ColdCuts Coldfusion snippets archive.
    Updated: 01.11.01 | 209 views
Sourcecode in ColdFusion, perl, javascript, java, game development, php, visual basic, pascal, tutorials, documentation, books, delphi, c++, c, assembly, css, palm, and much more!
    Updated: 01.10.01 | 623 views  
This website is here as a support to the Undernet Internet Relay Chat channel #ColdFusion. While we do try to retain a constant presence in the channel, some of us do have a life. This is why the ops/users are not always around to help you out with your latest and greatest plan for internet dominance via your new robust CF application.
    Updated: 29.09.01 | 480 views
CF Community list website  
Welcome to - A CF'ers Gathering Place
    Updated: 18.09.01 | 175 views
Aloha Webdesign  
Home of the NetReady e-commerce app amongst other great tags. Worth a look for sure!
    Updated: 07.09.01 | 237 views  
Welcome to, Andrei's personal web site. This site started out as a simple site to advertise my skills and experience in the web development area to potential employers. Then turned into a never-ending project. And now it's both, and perhaps most importantly, it's a playing field for me to keep playing with coding, development ideas, and new technologies.
    Updated: 30.08.01 | 172 views
Web Spinners Inc  
AtWebSpinners, Inc. we strive to create and maintain affordable, professional web sites for regional clients, allowing honest and reasonable options for smaller businesses, as well as large companies.
    Updated: 22.08.01 | 75 views
Programmers Heaven  
Over 12,500 Free programming files, links, articles, tutorials, messageboard, source codes, utilities, C/C++, Internet, Visual Basic, Delphi, Java, Pascal, Assembler and other tools.
    Updated: 21.08.01 | 515 views
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