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ColdFusion Custom Tags
ColdFusion Custom tags, don't you just love them? Even more when they're free like the ones on here. These are all open source and freeware unless stated otherwise. Documentation is generally "sparse" but they are all commented and generally easy to use. Email me if you have any problems getting them to work.

MaxFusion does not make or imply any warranty regarding the performance of these custom tags. Any negative effects resulting from use of these tags are the responsibility of yourself.  Tell a Geek

Click here to download kenny.zipKenny Translator ( 2Kb)
CF_Kenny is a very simple tag for translating to and from KennySpeak. This tag is based on the original Kenny Translator invented by Kohan Ikin and has been converted to ColdFusion with his permission. (demo)

Added: 06.05.02 | Downloads: 308
Click here to download freedb21.zipFreedb v2.1 ( 3Kb)
Freedb2 is a set of 3 tags that will assist in querying the free version of the CDDB database at (demo)
* Includes typo-fix spotted by Mike Hanson at
2.1 is another small bugfix, duplicate listings should not appear any more. Only the xmcd.cfm file has changed, the rest remains the same.

Added: 23.10.01 | Downloads: 1454
Click here to download wuname.zipWuName Generator ( 3Kb)
Whats your WuName? WTF's a WuName I hear you ask? Useless, pointless but a whole lot of fun...erm for about maybe 2 minutes... (demo)

Added: 01.07.01 | Downloads: 441
Click here to download dhl.zipDHL ( 8Kb)
This Intelligent Agent tag retrieves the cost and the expected delivery time for a parcel/document delivery from the UK to "anywhere" in the world from the DHL UK website.

Added: 20.06.01 | Downloads: 239
Click here to download unicodeemail.zipUnicode Email ( 1Kb)
The purpose of this tag is to protect your email address from being caught by spammers. Spammers use robots to crawl the web and pick up email addresses from all web sites that the robots encounter. This tag is in use throughout this site, check the source of any pages with email links on them for a demo.

Added: 20.06.01 | Downloads: 1102
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