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The Coldfusion 4.0 Web Application Const. Kit

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Author: Ben Forta, Nate Weiss
Publisher: Que
ISBN: 078971809X
Format: Paperback - 1001 pages

Description: The ColdFusion 4.0 Web Application Contruction Kit, Third Edition is an all-in-one kit that gives you everything you need to create Web-based applications, including the latest versions of the ColdFusion We Application Server and development environment.

You'll learn everything you need to create powerful Web applications, from Web server and database fundementals, to more advanced concepts such as LDAP integration, distributed processing, automated event scheduling, and e-commerce. From design and installation, to application rollout and troubleshooting, this instructional reference covers every aspect you need to successfully work, create, and progress with ColdFusion.

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