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Professional ColdFusion 5.0

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Author: Wrox Press
Publisher: Wrox Press
ISBN: 1861004540
Format: Paperback - 1000 pages

Description: Macromedia ColdFusion is probably the most complete package of tools ever created for developing dynamic web applications. It runs on a number of operating systems, works with almost any web server, and integrates seamlessly with COM, CORBA and Java. The Enterprise edition comes with all the tools you need to create a robust, secure, and scalable web application, including full-text indexing, and clustering and load-balancing software. ColdFusion also has its own complete Integrated Development Environment, ColdFusion Studio, which provides just about all the features you can think of for creating, editing, and debugging ColdFusion templates. Perhaps most importantly, it's extremely easy to use.

This book covers: The new features of ColdFusion 5.0

Extending ColdFusion with Java, COM, and CORBA Integrating ColdFusion with XML and WDDX ColdFusion as a web service client and server Creating mobile applications with WAP and WML Optimizing the architecture and coding of your site for performance and security Integrating ColdFusion with client-side technologies such as the DOM and JavaScript Building CFX tags in Java and C++ Administrating your ColdFusion server

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