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Allaire Spectra E-business Construction Kit

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Author: Ben Forta
Publisher: Que
ISBN: 0789723654
Format: Paperback - 900 pages

Description: Ben Forta's earlier Allaire-sanctioned books on ColdFusion set a standard for technical books about Web development environments. In Allaire Spectra E-Business Construction Kit, Forta applies his typical care and skill to Allaire Spectra, the company's new environment for building secure and otherwise commercial Web resources. Once again, he's done a great job, and fans of Allaire's development tools will be pleased.

As the book exposes increasingly complicated aspects of Spectra, it diligently explains what's going on at a high level before presenting the reader with code listings. Both the text and the code help illuminate Spectra, with sequential pieces of code adding to a very feature-rich Web store application. (All the code, plus trial versions of Spectra and other Allaire products, appear on the companion CD-ROM.) Tables of attributes document the most useful tags as they come up; an alphabetical tag reference shows up at the end of the book.

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