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Access Database Design and Programming

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Author: Steve Roman
Publisher: O'Reilly UK
ISBN: 1565926269
Format: Paperback - 438 pages

Description: When using software products with graphical interfaces, we frequently focus so much on the details of how to use the interface that we forget about the more general concepts that allow us to understand and put the software to effective use. This is particularly true of a powerful database product like Microsoft Access. Novice, and sometimes even experienced, programmers are so concerned with how something is done in Access that they often lose sight of the general principles that underlie their database applications.

Access Database Design & Programming, 2nd Edition, an update to the bestselling first edition, features:

  • A discussion of Access' new VBA Integrated Development Environment, which, for the first time, is the one used by Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • An expansion of the discussion of the VBA language itself, in response to reader requests
  • A discussion of Microsoft's latest data access technology, called Active Data Objects (or ADO), along with a discussion of Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), which is intimately connected with ADO

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