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Advanced ColdFusion 4 Application Development

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Author: Ben Forta, Nate Weiss
Publisher: Que
ISBN: 0789718103
Format: Paperback - 730 pages

Description: Advanced ColdFusion 4.0 Application Development is the first and only book to provide complete and thorough coverage of all of ColdFusion's new and advanced features. ColdFusion 4.0 is a massive upgrade, introducing lots of new features, most of which are advanced. In great detail, this book discusses complicated subjects such as support for server clusters, security frameworks, technology integration, language extensions, and more.

Not only will you get overviews of technologies and ideas, with examples to demonstrate specific techniques, but this book also contains case studies that illustrate real-world examples of specific topics. From scalability through security, from advice on extending ColdFusion's language and development tools through distributed processing, from inline scripting to sophisticated regular expression manipulation, this book covers concepts and techniques not available anywhere else.

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