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Here you will be able to get a sneak preview of some of the larger ColdFusion applications I'm working on. Most of these are "works in progress" so you will not be able to download them unless you are a part of the Beta program.

You will however be able to see how they're getting on and in most cases be able to give them a shot, although I guarantee your mileage will vary =)  Tell a Geek

Project: Baby Name Search
Description: Search facility to aid in choosing names for babies.
Status: At the moment this application just has the search facility built, there is currently no backend to add/edit names within the database, it does however, have over 40,000 names you can search from all over the world. Click here to see it in action
Project: MaxBanner
Description: Fully fledged Banner Ads rotation and advertising solution.
Status: Nearing the stage when I can let the Beta Geeks loose on it. The code needs tidying up a "little" (ok, a LOT!) and some documentation would come in handy...
Project: CFCloak
Description: Search Engine "Stealth" Cloaking application.
Status: This is coming along nicely and again is close to the stage where the Geeks can get their hammers out and start tapping, till it works no more...
Again documentation is lacking.
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