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The Library is my own selection of essential reading material for the budding ColdFusion programmer.

I own each and every one of these books (those that are available at the moment that is!) and feel no hesitation in recommending them to anyone interested in learning just that little bit more.

Subjects covered include: the ColdFusion Language, Database Design, Server Management, Graphic Design and whatever else I think a ColdFusion user should know at least a little bit about.  Tell a Geek

Advanced ColdFusion 4 Application Development (928)
Author: Ben Forta, Nate Weiss
Advanced ColdFusion 5 Application Development (658)
Author: Ben Forta
All in One Cert CF 5 Exam Guide (550)
Author: Michael Dinowitz
Allaire Spectra E-business Construction Kit (384)
Author: Ben Forta
Certified ColdFusion Developer Study Guide (472)
Author: Ben Forta,Emily Kim,Geoff Bowers,Matt Boles,Matt Reider
Coldfusion 4 for Dummies (546)
Author: Alexis D. Gutzman, John Paul Ashenfelter, Charles Arehart
ColdFusion Fast & Easy Web Dev (411)
Author: T. C. Bradley
Instant Coldfusion 5 (451)
Author: Jeffry Houser
Mastering Cold Fusion 4.5 (600)
Author: Arman Danesh, Kristin Aileen Motlagh
Professional ColdFusion 5.0 (500)
Author: Wrox Press
Programming Cold Fusion (505)
Author: Rob Brooks-Bilson
Sams Teach Yourself ColdFusion Express in 24 Hours (507)
Author: Ben Forta, Sue Hove
Sams Teach Yourself ColdFusion in 21 Days (419)
Author: Charles Mohnike
The Coldfusion 4.0 Web Application Const. Kit (351)
Author: Ben Forta, Nate Weiss
The ColdFusion 5.0 Web Application Const. Kit (364)
Author: Ben Forta

Access Database Design and Programming (527)
Author: Steve Roman
Database Design for Mere Mortals (402)
Author: Michael J. Hernandez
Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes (467)
Author: Ben Forta
Using Microsoft SQL Server 7 (352)
Author: Brad McGehee

WAP Development with WML and WMLScript (390)
Author: Ben Forta, Paul Fonte, Ronan Mandel

Sams Teach Yourself HomeSite 4 in 24 Hours (311)
Author: Ben Forta

DNS and BIND (341)
Author: Paul Albitz,Cricket Liu,Mike Loukides,Deborah Russell

JavaScript (425)
Author: David Flanagan

Mastering Regular Expressions (405)
Author: Jeffrey E.F. Friedl
The Multi-boot Configuration Handbook (606)
Author: Roderick Smith

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