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The Freebies section is where you'll find lots of small but "ever so handy" files, archives and utilities. Files that I've not been able to locate easily on the net or files that "might just come in handy one day..."

Feel free to take what you like, unless stated otherwise the files here are freeware and you can do what the h*ll you like with them ok?

They've all been scanned vigourously with a wet mop and deemed to be virus free, but use at your own risk, I recommend you scan them yourselves using the latest version of your own particular brand of mop.  Tell a Geek

Click here to download (21Kb)
Judging by the referers in my logs there's still a bunch of guys looking for this. This enables you to decrypt ColdFusion templates. I've made it available here for download and you may also want to check out the cfx tag that does the same job on the gallery at Allaire.
Added: 10.08.01 | Downloads: 4587
Click here to download (103Kb)
It had to happen...sorry guys, couldn't resist it, geek up your Winamp with this MaxFusion skin...
Added: 11.07.01 | Downloads: 796
Click here to download (47Kb)
A nice set of nearly 200 (32x20) .gif images of flags of the world. I can't quite think of a use for them at the moment but one day...
Added: 28.04.00 | Downloads: 1301
Click here to download (165Kb)
A fine selection of...yep! you've guessed it, small fonts! These fonts were designed specifically for tiny tiny text on your websites. They work best when used at 8 or 9 pixels. These were used for the text below the MaxFusion logo at the top of this page, this shows how small you can go...
Added: 28.04.00 | Downloads: 2292
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