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Category: ColdFusion Server

Q. How can I find out what version of ColdFusion my host has installed?
Q. What are the ColdFusion Application Server, Executive and RDS services for under the NT Services panel?
Q. What's the difference between ColdFusion Server Professional and Enterprise?
Q. it possible for ColdFusion Server to talk to an AS/400 machine?
Q. What order should I install the software on a new ColdFusion server?
Q. How can I prevent having to grant script permissions on a ColdFusion server?
Q. I can't get the ColdFusion Scheduler to work. Is there any other way of triggering a scheduled event?
Q. How can I time how long pages take to be processed?
Q. Can I hide the .cfm extension of my pages?
Q. What's the easiest route to installing 4.5.2 on a server?
Q. What's the difference between ColdFusion 4.0 and 4.5?
Q. es the LINUX version of ColdFusion run on a BSD OS?
Q. What can I do to optimise the speed of my NT/ColdFusion Server?
Q. What I try and edit a page via RDS that's just been viewed in the browser, it won't open for 60 seconds. How can I prevent that happening?
Q. What website stress-testing applications are there?
Q. Is ClusterCats included with ColdFusion Server Enterprise or is it a separate product?
Q. Can I override the default timeout length on the ColdFusion server?
Q. What is ColdFusion Server?
Q. What is the ColdFusion Administrator?
Q. Can ColdFusion handle large volume sites?
Q. What Web servers are supported?
Q. In the CFAdministrator, I disabled the CFREGISTRY tag and then I discovered that once you do that, you can no longer use the CFAdministrator.
Q. How do you backup your CF settings?
Q. Can i delete the core file in the /coldfusion/log/ directory? Will it cause any system malfunction if i delete this file as i find the size of the file is way too large.
Q. What is Siteminder for in CF5.0?

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