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Category: CFML

Q. How can you display the date/time of when a ColdFusion template was last modified?
Q. How can you create two select boxes where the second alters when the first selection is changed.
Q. How can I make ColdFusion server pause before processing the rest of a template?
Q. How can I stop users submitting a form more than once?
Q. How can I display a recursive directory listing?
Q. How can I remove the whitespace that's appears in the source of .cfm pages?
Q. How can I check the spelling of words entered in a form?
Q. Is there an easy way to display banner adverts on a site?
Q. How can I output a database query in a table three cells wide?
Q. How can I prevent users seeing ColdFusion error messages?
Q. How can I loop through all the form fields and values?
Q. How can I display the columns in a query without specifying the column names?
Q. How can I put a carriage return in a string?
Q. Is there a way to display the total number of files in a directory?
Q. How can I alternate the background colour to my table rows?
Q. I'm trying to set a cookie just before doing a CFLOCATION but the cookie is never set. Why is this?
Q. How can I detect if their browser has cookie enabled?
Q. How can I write a text file on the server?
Q. How can I use the # symbol inside CFOUTPUT?
Q. How can I stop users submitting a form twice and inserting two records into the database?
Q. How can I alter the format of a DateTime object so it doesn't look like {ts '2001-01-21 10:57:21'}?
Q. If I dynamically create a variable by using >CFSET CountVar = "MyVar#x#"<, how do I display the value of MyVar#x#?
Q. How can you display all the form variables passed to a template?
Q. What is the request scope?
Q. When do I need to use # symbols around variable names?
Q. Is there a way to specify a timeout period on a ColdFusion page?
Q. What are the different variable scopes and what variables are there?
Q. Is there any methodology that can help me write better ColdFusion applications?
Q. How can I stop my webpages from being cached?
Q. Is using CFLOCK really necessary and how do you use it?
Q. How do search engines react to URL query strings and how can I get my ColdFusion sites listed?
Q. Have you got any tips on optimizing ColdFusion code?
Q. How can I preserve the original order or column names when looping through a CFQUERY recordset using queryName.columnList?
Q. How would I go about creating a multi-language site?
Q. What list delimiter character can you use that can't be typed in by a user?
Q. How to you embed error.Diagnostics as a hidden form field without it being accidentally displayed because its value includes a ' or an "?
Q. Is there an IsAlphanumeric function in ColdFusion?
Q. Are there any functions in ColdFusion that will convert hours to minutes and minutes to hours?
Q. What is the easiest way to alternate table row colors when outputting query results?
Q. Is there a way to validate that a Social Security Number has been entered in a form field?
Q. How can I break up a list of strings into separate variables?
Q. Where can I find documentation for ColdFusion?
Q. How can I make sure that required and/or optional parameters are passed to my ColdFusion template?
Q. In ASP, there's a "Global.asa" that executes whenever an ASP page is called. Is there such thing for ColdFusion?
Q. Can I control other frames using <CFLOCATION>?
Q. Where must my .CFM files be located?
Q. How do I display the current date and/or time? Can I format it different ways?
Q. How can I put a # (pound sign) in my ColdFusion output?
Q. How can I compare two strings for case-sensitivity?
Q. What is ColdFusion?
Q. What is ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML)?
Q. What are the advantages of CFML?
Q. How does ColdFusion support XML?
Q. I need to have a cfmail executed automatically at the same time each day, how do I set this up in cfm?
Q. I need some free live stock quotes without the normal 'powered by' stuff for some companies listed in Nasdaq.
Q. What is the OnRequestEnd.cfm template for?
Q. How does the cflocation tag work? in terms of HTML and HTTP? Does it use meta refresh tag to redirect the page?
Q. Does CF have a mod() function?

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