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 Kenny Translator
CF_Kenny is a very simple tag for translating to and from KennySpeak.

KennySpeak? Well for all you Non-Southparkers out there KennySpeak goes like this: "Ppfmfp ppmffm mfmppfmpm, fmpmfpmppffm'fpmmpp pmpmffpmfpmfmppmpm Pmpmppppppppffm!".

This tag is based on the original Kenny Translator invented by Kohan Ikin and has been converted to ColdFusion with his permission.
Thanks Kohan!

The tag will automagically recognise KennySpeak and Normal text so Normal text inputted will come out as KennySpeak and KennySpeak inputted will... just guess the rest ok? Tell a Geek

You can download the tag from the tags section.
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