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This is a demo of how the Freedb customs tags can be implemented. Some of you though, may not be familiar with the Freedb program and CDDB so read on, then give it a go...

What is CDDB?
The original CDDB is a database to look up CD information using the internet. This is done by a client which calulates a (nearly) unique disc ID and then queries the database. As a result, the client displays the artist, CD-title, tracklist and some additional infos.

What Is Freedb?
Freedb is a GPL'ed version and as such free from the constraints imposed by Escient. There is an FAQ set up at the Freedb site with more information.

Why Freedb?
As Escient has changed the terms of licence for accessing CDDB, some programmers complained that the new licence includes certain terms that threatens them in a way they cannot accept: If you want to access CDDB, you are not allowed to access any other CDDB-like database (this one, for example) and - while accessing the database - the programmer has to ensure, that a CDDB-logo is displayed

Funny sidenote: One programmer told me, that his cd-player will be banned if he is refusing to display the CDDB-logo. His software is a console-based program (it does not produce any graphical output) for blind people...

Anyway, time to give it a whirl...
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