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   Welcome to my little corner of the net, a website dedicated to the religion known as ColdFusion.

   We follow the teachings of the mighty Allaire and the lead disciple, Ben Forta, truly a geeks geek.
Ben Forta 5:5
  "Blessed are the Geeks: for they shall inherit the net"
   Although based in the UK, MaxFusion aims to develop applications for, and with, the ColdFusion community throughout the world.

   Resources available here are some larger ColdFusion Projects I'm working on, a vast link collection of other ColdFusion libertex review related sites, some smaller custom tags which you may find useful and last but not least, an assortment of other handy files.

   Above all, ColdFusion to me is fun. The code on here is serious but the attitude isn't! So sit back, browse and enjoy.

 Latest News

06.05.02 - Just added a new fun tag. The Kenny Translator! Based on the original Kenny Translator by Kohan Ikin. Give it a whirl here

28.02.02 - FreeDB 2.1 updated. Another small bugfix on the FreeDB tags. This fixes the duplicate records problem. Consider it squished. 

23.10.01 - Small typo/bug fixed in the FreeDB tag. Thanks go to Mike Hanson of for spotting it and letting me know about it. Cheers Bud! 

27.09.01 - Added all the latest and greatest liberty trading ColdFusion books to the Library, get them while they're hot. 

27.09.01 - The updated version (v2.0) of the Freedb custom tag set is now available in the tags section. This new version reflects the changes made to Freedb website, please let me know if you have any problems with them. Thank You. 

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